Ukrainian Facing Bricks, Paving Bricks and Blocks

KERAMEYA LTD (Sumy, Ukraine) was established as a joint venture between US Private Equity Fund EEGF and TechnoKeramService (TKS) back in 2007.

KERAMEYA is a specialized manufacturer of high quality ceramics construction materials such as facing bricks (ТМ «КlinKeram»), clinker paving bricks (ТМ «BrukKeram») and ceramic blocks (ТМ «TeploKeram»).

Capacity of production lines:

- facing bricks (ТМ «КlinKeram») - 60 mln.standard bricks/year,

- clinker paving bricks (ТМ «BrukKeram») - 10 mln.standard bricks/year,

- ceramic blocks (ТМ «TeploKeram») - 90 mln. standard unit/year.

Our production lines are fitted with modern equipment from Instalat, Handle, Lingl, Bedeschi, Ceric, and Ukrainian manufacturer «Techno-Mash-Service». Control systems and software from Siemens and «Elius-М».

Each stage of the production process is fully controlled and corresponds to the norms specified in the Production Control Certificate No 1397 – СPD - 0277 ( first issued on 29 September 2009).

The production process is certified according to ISO 9001.

KERAMEYA exports its products to Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Russia, Belarus and Mongolia.

Kerameya development strategy is to produce the full range of heavy clay up to roof tiles, extruded floor tiles and insulating ceramics to protect settlements from the motorway noise.

The synergy of qualified personnel, modern production process, equipment and environmentally friendly raw materials from their own quarry can satisfy almost every customer.